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SBH Biofuel Systems Inc. is a company on the leading edge of the ethanol/biofuels industry—one dedicated to realizing every benefit of a newly developed ethanol technology.


In the US, Soybean hulls are currently exploited only for their high protein content in the form of animal feed. SBH Biofuel Systems’ technology will give ethanol producers the ability to use soybean hulls to generate up to 450 million gallons of ethanol annually, leaving up to 2 million tons of high protein (>25%) animal feed by-product to be sold to farmers. This innovative process will more than double the current economic value of soybean hulls.

  • • The United Soybean Board is interested in finding alternative uses for 5 – 7 million tons of soybean hulls
  • • Potential for an estimated 20% cost reduction due to the elimination of pre-treatment
  • • Low fiber content of the by-product opens up the poultry and pig feed market for soybean hulls
  • • Similar market potential in Brazil and Argentina (patents pending in both countries)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an innovative soybean ethanol technology, solutions, and services to sustain agriculture and advance renewable energy, including feed byproducts that will increase the consumers choice of ruminant animal feed.
The Management’s Mission is to develop SBH Biofuel Systems Inc. into one of the premier alternative energy research and development firms in the world.

Our Vision

    We will:

    • Maintain our reputation of quality, integrity, and commitment to the industry.
    • Encourage the development of new soybean related renewable energy solutions.
    • Use our expertise and partner with others to make advancements in ethanol.
    • Develop a culture of employee commitment and excellence, rewarded through personal development and incentive programs.
    • Actively support those less fortunate through charitable stewardship.
    • Have complete financial transparency with financial backers.